Herby Derby Rules

All open class rules apply except for the following:
1. 4 cylinder: front or rear-wheel drive allowed.
2. 6 cylinder: V6 front wheel drive only
3. No 6 or 8 cylinder rear-wheel-drive cars allowed in this class.
4. Absolutely NO antifreeze in radiators, water only! This will be enforced!
5 . If you run a bucket seat, it is strongly recommended you run a upright brace, per the 80's class rules.
6 . Maximum 107" wheelbase.
7. Front bumpers may be chained, bolted through the bumper and shock with no larger than a 1/2" bolt and 3" washers, or a strap, 1" wide x 1/8" thick max, welded no more than 2" on either side of the frame/subframe, ahead of the radiator support.
8 . All cars must use a marine or other approved fuel tank. If you have any questions on what to use please call and ask. Moving the stock gas tanks into the back seat is no longer allowed, for your safety.
9. two all thread front and two rear of car.

***If in doubt, ask!!!!
Alyssa Yaeger - 406-366-6615
Dylan Kelly - 406-366-5161